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Taurus Towing provide quality towing products that are safe, affordable and trusted

Taurus Towing SAFE
The safety of you and your family as well as that of your vehicle and caravan are paramount. Here at Taurus we respect the valued outcomes that our clients have when they purchase one of our towing products with safety being the driving force behind our product research, design and manufacturing processing.

Taurus Towing AFFORDABLE
At Taurus Towing our mission is to make towing products that improve our safety, well-being and camping experience affordable.

Taurus Towing TRUSTED
Whilst our brand is young, our team have decades of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing towing products with a track record that you can put your faith in. Quality, experience, expertise and a price you can trust you aren’t getting fleeced with.



Taurus Towing Mirrors are a full replacement mirror designed for improved visibility to enable a safer towing experience. 
The extendable towing mirrors integrate two mirror surfaces, a larger than standard top mirror [which is electric if the vehicle has as from the manufacturer] to provide clear vision down the side of your camper, caravan or enclosed trailer and a lower manual convex mirror to eliminate blind spots within the lanes near your vehicle. These towing mirrors provide easy electric adjustment from your existing controller in the vehicle. 

Once fitted the Taurus Towing Mirrors offer approximately 100mm wider reach than original vehicle manufacturer’s mirror. When manually extended the mirrors offer approximately 200mm of reach. Conveniently they can be folded manually inwards and outwards when in tight clearance positions. 

Taurus Extendable Towing Mirrors are;

  • Available in black or chrome finish
  • Supplied complete with the wiring harness for electrical component connection
  • Complete with integrated turning signals/indicators [if the vehicle has as from the manufacturer]
  • Installed onto the vehicle in the exact same position as the existing OE mirrors
  • Mirror surface is non-reflective 
  • Easy, straightforward fitment and come complete with fitting instructions
  • 24 Month Warranty [Applies to moving parts within the mirror

Taurus Extendable Towing Mirrors do not have the following functions that the OEM mirrors have: Electrically Operated Fold-in and/or Extension, Auto-Dip for Reverse, Puddle Light, Cameras (any kind), Memory Adjustments, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

All transactions on this website are in Australian Dollars [AUD]