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4WD Performance Exhausts

Our long history of being towing enthusiasts has led us to developing another product that helps towing more economical, more enjoyable and less straining on our 4WD vehicles....this is the Taurus 3inch performance exhaust. Unlike most other 3inch exhausts that are solely designed to improve exhaust noise and tone – the Taurus performance Exhaust range is designed to meet 3 key objectives:

1. Improve fuel economy
2. Improve exhaust gas flow and thus increase power and torque
3. Be an affordable stainless steel exhaust upgrade 

To this end Team Taurus have researched the specific OEM exhaust design of each vehicle that we have a system for and come up with ways to meet our objectives.

•Improved towing performance both on highway and off road
• Improved fuel economy
• Australian designed and tested
• 3inch mandrel bent pipework for optimal flow
• Manufactured from premium 409 grade stainless steel
• No drone! With specially designed mufflers specific to each vehicle manufacturer
• All systems include high flow diesel catalytic converter and muffler
• Pipe hangers and flange plates are heavy duty and long lasting
• All kits come complete with gaskets, nuts and bolts for easy, straightforward installation by a mechanic or DIY

Here are a few more insights into Taurus 4WD Exhaust Systems

1. Starting with the dump pipe off the turbo, our design engineers look at how they can maximise flow of the exhaust gas; as this has a direct bearing on the fuel economy improvement and the engine performance gain.
Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, gas flow restrictions can come from different components including the catalytic converter, the muffler, the pipe bend design or even the tailpipe!
2. All our performance exhaust systems include a high flow Diesel Catalytic Converter and high flow Muffler. Its essential to have a Diesel Catalytic Converter for emission management and the Taurus high flow muffler with internal heavy glass packing reduces the drone.
3. All systems are manufactured from premium 409 grade stainless steel. We all know that stainless steel is an improvement on mild steel but did you know that 409 grade is actually more suitable for 4WD vehicles than any other material type? This is because 409 grade stainless is more malleable and durable so when the exhaust gas is extremely hot and the exhaust system is under tension it will not crack off
4. All systems include a flexible vibration isolator. This is essential for an exhaust system being installed onto a 4WD that is touring great distances or 4WDing. The reason is the vibration isolator absorbs the expansion and contraction of the hot exhaust
5. We freight our 4WD exhaust systems Australia wide for a flat rate of $25 - which is right in line with our mission is to have products that are ‘affordable for everyone’, be it they live in Townsville or Tomago, Cairns or Canberra our intent is give everyone the opportunity to be able to buy this great vehicle upgrade at an affordable price