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Why the Isuzu DMAX is such a popular tow vehicle

Posted by Taurus Towing Team on

Since the facelift model was released in 2012, the Isuzu D-Max has become one of the most popular caravan and toy haulers on the market. Is it because of its no nonsense appeal, its value for money or its never say die engine? Just ask any D-Max owner and I am sure they will tell you! The D-Max did receive minor upgrades over the years, most notably in 2018 with the rear 5 Leaf spring replaced with a 3 Leaf spring design. This tweak created improvements in towing ride, comfort and stability.

In a recent online towing test, the D-Max rates ‘above average’ in the towing department, with current models offering a Maximum Braked Towing Capacity of 3500kgs and a 5850kg gross combined mass (GCM). So, as a tow vehicle of choice, the best way to improve your towing experience & safety is with a set of Taurus Extendable Towing Mirrors.

Taurus Towing Mirrors for the Isuzu D-Max are a direct replacement fitment. They integrate two mirror surfaces, a larger than standard top electric mirror to provide clear vision down the side of your camper, caravan or enclosed trailer and a lower manual convex mirror to eliminate blind spots within the lanes near your D-Max. These mirrors provide easy electric adjustment from your existing controller in the vehicle.

Once fitted the Taurus Towing Mirrors offer approximately 100mm wider reach. When manually extended the mirrors offer approximately 200mm of reach. Conveniently they can be folded manually inwards and outwards when in tight clearance positions. Available in black or chrome.

Exceptionally popular, these towing mirrors are straightforward to install as a DIY as each model comes complete with detailed fitting instructions completed by our in-house technicians. Alternatively any reputable mechanic or auto electrician can complete the process. 

View more information on the specific DMAX Towing Mirror listings. 

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